Interview with Filmmaker: Michelle Sam

Michelle Sam is a writer, filmmaker, actress, and social justice activist whose work focuses on the ongoing themes of race, sexuality, class, and gender. You can catch Michelle performing with the Women of Color Anonymous (WOCA) sketch/improv comedy group at UCB Sunset and WCCW feminist space in Los Angeles. She enjoys late nights, sunshine, dry wit, and last minute adventures. What drew you into … Continue reading Interview with Filmmaker: Michelle Sam

Tomeka Winborne – Filmmaker Episode 10

In 2014, Winborne developed Lavender Reel Media Group, LLC /Lavender Reel Publishing, a production and media services company, producing commercials, documentaries and other film projects of commercial clients as well as her own. That same year, Tomeka was commissioned to co-produce a documentary entitled, “IN PLAIN SIGHT: HUMAN TRAFFICKING” for Cox Creative. To date she … Continue reading Tomeka Winborne – Filmmaker Episode 10

Sarah Hawkins – Creative Producer

Sarah Hawkins is a creative producer, specializing in distribution and marketing. She is a freelance producer for the female-driven production company, Busted Buggy Entertainment, and works for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Hawkins is also the co-owner of the Lancaster County based production company, Dadley Productions, and the co-founder of Pretty Thing, launching in 2018. In 2017 Hawkins produced … Continue reading Sarah Hawkins – Creative Producer